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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The trials and travails of Mr. Skeleton

Here is Mr. Skeleton:

We bought him at Walmart for approximately $6 and hung him from our porch light for Halloween. As you may recall from this post, he proceeded to scare the bejesus out of our adorable two-year-old neighbor child.

Now, Halloween has passed, and so Mr. Skeleton was taken down from his perch and brought into the house. I sat him on the staircase by the front door to wait until I found the energy to actually put him in the closet with the other seasonal decorations.

But a funny thing happened when I sat him on those stairs. For whatever reason, his joints bent such that it looked like his little skeleton legs were crossed and his skeleton hands were folded in his lap. He looked to be waiting for something, and very patiently at that.

And then I decided that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Skeleton shouldn’t go straight into the seasonal crap cupboard. Maybe he deserves a chance at being something more.
For example, wouldn’t Mr. Skeleton look great in a nice harvest scene to celebrate Thanksgiving?

And I just KNOW that Mr. Skeleton could bring lots of joy as a nice Christmas Santa.

After Christmas, wouldn’t he be an adorable Cupid, bringing lovers together for St. Valentine’s Day?

The children of the neighborhood would certainly sleep easy knowing he was bringing them Easter eggs.

I ... errrh ... oh dear. That's a bit Donnie Darko-esque, isn't it.

Maybe we'll have better luck with Independence Day!

Umm … or maybe ... happy Columbus Day?

Umm ... hmmm.

I guess Mr. Skeleton should just stick with Halloween, then. For the sake of the wee small child next door.

Then again, that Thanksgiving tableau wasn't too bad ...

And the Santa Claus one wasn't TOO scary ...

Mr. Skeleton, you are one convincing fellow!

Quick, where’s the nearest Michael’s store? I REQUIRE A GREAT DEAL OF RED FELT.


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