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Friday, March 29, 2013


This weekend is Easter. I don't think there will be much Easterfication going on in my world, since Jesse won't be home and I don't like ham. I like pig in every other form except the glistening pink variety, but all the Easters I've been invited to are serving ham and eff that noise. So I'll probably just eat tacos and a chocolate bunny for dinner and call it good.

But it wouldn't be a proper holiday if I didn't draw at least a few pictures to go with it. Here are some Easter Bunnies that want to wish you a Happy Dead Jesus Time!

First, a relatively cute and not-actually-that-defective bunny:

Then, a bunny that has fallen on some hard times:

Then, a fraudulent bunny:

Then, an even more fraudulent bunny:

Then, this:

And finally, the universally-recognized BEST BUNNY OF ALL:

With the possible exception of this:

Happy Easter, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Word on the street is, we're having hamburgers and salmon for Easter XD
    I am not sure which bunny is better..the last or the second to last.