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Monday, May 20, 2013

Drawing a bunch of donkeys because ..... ??????

I got really busy and neglected to write a real post for today. And for this I AM SORRY. 

So instead, I will give you these little bits of knowledge to chew on: the other night, I dreamed that I got pulled over for driving like 120mph in a 30mph zone through a neighborhood. The cop was understandably upset at me for this, but I got out of the ticket by sleeping with the cop. I was definitely pregnant in the dream, and married, but I guess this was not a problem for either myself or the police officer.

Then, the next night, I dreamed that some 11-year-old boys were bullying me so I grabbed one and choked him out. Apparently I am NOT to be trifled with! Pick on someone your own size, 11-year-old bullies. No seriously; it was so easy for me to choke this kid out. I'm way stronger than the average 11-year-old.

And I drew you this picture of a donkey:

I wasn't sure if donkeys have manes and I didn't have any time to google it so I just gave him one.

And here is that same donkey after finding love. You can see that he has made the controversial decision to grow a mustache:

Okay I promise to add to this post as the day wears on -- perhaps more donkeys in compromising positions and ridiculous outfits? Also, does anyone know if donkeys have manes? I mean, that's the story I'm going with at present, but I'd hate to look like a fool drawing manes on all these donkeys when that's not even anatomically correct.


Skiing good-time donkey:

Rollerblading having-some-trouble donkey:


Saggy-pants smoker Donkey:


  1. Donks have manes, they are short and spikey if I recall correctly. I think Bodonkadonkey and I should be friends. She makes up for what I lack

    1. Well, what a relief that I didn't screw up the manes too badly!! :-D