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Friday, June 26, 2015

Good luck/bad luck

I can't decide if today is leanings towards being a good luck day or a bad luck day. Obviously my optimistic nature is pushing me towards it being a good luck day, but ... how can I be sure? I need help figuring it out!

Here's how the day has gone so far:

GOOD LUCK: When I took Audrey to daycare, her best friend was wearing the same shorts as her. Their matching outfits were adorable, and when I asked them to hug each other so I could take a picture, they did. It was cute as hell.

BAD LUCK: When I got to work, the other pregnant woman in the building was wearing the same dress as me. I bought it at the PX (the department store on the Army post), which I thought made me immune from people wearing the same clothes as me. After all, my office is over 40 miles from the post, and you need a military ID there. It's a maternity dress. What are the odds of running into someone here wearing the same thing??! Matching outfits are not as cute when you're not both babies.

GOOD LUCK: We had a good laugh about the matching dresses, which was fun. I mean seriously, what are the odds? Do we need to make a schedule for the blue striped dress so this doesn't happen again?

BAD LUCK: I forgot my bloody FMLA paperwork when I went to my doctors' appointment this morning (in order to get maternity leave after baby is born, I need to submit FMLA paperwork to my employer and it has to be filled out by my healthcare provider). This means I have to get Jesse to drop it off next week, and he will probably screw it up somehow.

GOOD LUCK: I was able to get in a Zumba class before my doctors' appointment this morning. I always love when I can make the absolute most of my Audrey-free time, and an 8AM Zumba class is a great way to start the day.

BAD LUCK: I had to go straight to the doctor afterwards and then straight to work from there. I packed clothes to change into, but somehow managed to forget a bra. So I'm wearing the same sports bra I wore to Zumba class under my dress. You know, the dress that the other girl in the office is wearing too. Hmmph.

GOOD LUCK: I swung by the PX to see about buying a portable air conditioner unit because we've already had like three heat waves this summer and it's only June. At a certain point, we need to just acknowledge the situation and buy one of the damn things. Well, of COURSE they were all sold out as it is supposed to be in the 90s this weekend ... but I saw an employee come out of the stockroom with one on a hand cart and I followed him like a bloodhound on the scent. He told me he could feel my eyes on him. Turns out someone had returned a unit and just had to test it to make sure it worked properly before it could be sold. I stood six inches away breathing on him while he tested it and then bought it immediately. AND it was 10% off because it was a return! I got a few stink eyes from people as I proudly marched through the store with the ONE AND ONLY AIR CONDITIONER in my cart, but nobody's gonna tell a giant pregnant lady she doesn't deserve AC on a hot weekend.

BAD LUCK: I had to get another Tdap vaccine at the doc, even though I had one while I was pregnant with Audrey a mere two years ago. I guess you're supposed to get one every time you're pregnant, because the immunity to Whooping Cough passes through the placenta to the baby ... but still, dude, my arm is sore and I just HAD that damn vaccine two years ago! I DON'T LIKE THAT MY ARM IS SORE.

GOOD LUCK: You can Whooping Cough right in my face now because I am so immune it'll blow your mind to pieces.

BAD LUCK: I kind of tweaked my back again doing Zumba this morning. I was even really careful not to tweak my back, but I tweaked it anyway. I'm beginning to think that tweaking my back is just part of continuing to do Zumba at this point. So maybe I should consider, ya know, not doing it anymore. Hmmph.

GOOD LUCK: I totally saw a bald eagle flying above the freeway while I drove to work! A BALD EAGLE! On the day SCOTUS legalizes gay marriage throughout the country! Don't even try to tell me that's not a sign.

I took this picture with my iPhone while I was driving. True story.

So just to summarize: 

GOOD LUCK: Audrey looked super cute dressed the same as her best friend at daycare; I got to go to Zumba on a work day; I scored an air conditioner AND it was 10% off; I'm hella super immune to Whooping Cough; I got to laugh with a coworker about our good taste in clothing; and I saw the SYMBOL OF AMERICA soaring in the blue sky on an incredibly beautiful day.

BAD LUCK: I already forgot all that shit because I have a friggin' air conditioner in my car right now. And gay people can get married.


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