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Monday, September 21, 2015

Presenting: pictures of my hilariously adorable baby

Good news, everyone! I have gotten over my aversion to using voice to text technology, so I can write more blog posts while Trevor wastes the day away on my boob.

Unfortunately, I'm still not feeling very funny yet, so I'm going to take the easy way out and just point out all of the ways that my baby looks ridiculous. Because trust me, he looks pretty ridiculous a lot of the time.

But damn if he ain't cute as hell!

Picture 1: 
Trevor has seen something very frightening and he may not recover from the shock

Picture 2: 
Trevor poses for his modeling head shots

Picture 3: 
Trevor looks like the grandpa from Pawn Stars

Picture 4: 
Trevor looks like Bruce Willis

Picture 5: 
Trevor had fun at the zoo

Picture 6: 
Trevor enjoys some light reading

Picture 7: 
Trevor takes a selfie for his LinkedIn profile pic

Picture 8: 
Does Trevor look more like Sir Patrick Stewart or Sir Ian McKellen? Either way, he looks like an old man

Picture 9: 
Trevor's mind is blown apart by a piano rattle

Picture 10: 
Trevor makes this face

So there you go. Old Man Baby strikes a pose.

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