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Thursday, September 13, 2012

My hip has been acting up recently ...

I must have pulled a muscle in my hip, because lately it's been hurting whenever I run on it. Then it'll hurt for a day or two afterwards when I walk, too.

I tried staying off it for a while, but that seems to be taking too long, so as usual I asked Jesse what he thought I should do about all this. His answer: I need to spend some time on the machine at the gym to build up my hip abductor muscles. What the heck is a hip abductor? This should clear it up:

Good, now that we've got that sorted out ... what machine does one use to build up those muscles? Why, this one of course!

However, I refuse to use that machine. It is absolutely the most ridiculous machine in the entire world. 100% of the people using it cannot be taken seriously. Here are a few reasons why I WILL NOT be found on the hip abductor machine anytime soon:




Oh, you can also do the exercises on the floor without a machine? Excellent news! Let me give that a shot!

Guess I'll just be staying off it for a while longer, then.


  1. That was hilarious! Make an appointment with Dr Shara at Back to Health Center in Old Town before you leave. She uses a Graston Technique on injuries. She fixed my knee in about 3 sessions (and I thought I was going to have to stop running before visiting her).

  2. Ha, that was hysterical! And I use that machine at the gym. Maybe never again. I can work on your abductors. I owe you and Jesse a massage before you leave. PPV