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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A series of poorly-executed turkey drawings

In honor of Thanksgiving, I bring you all a series of poorly-executed turkey drawings.

For the first one, I decided to try and replicate those trace-your-hand turkeys we always did in elementary school. So first I drew a hand shape, and then I turned it into what I thought a turkey looked like using nothing but MS Paint and an astonishing amount of skill:

Realizing that my first attempt was just awful, I decided to try again with a somewhat more realistic non-hand-shaped body:
At this point, I had to admit that the body shape was the least of my problems. What was really slowing me down was the fact that I had absolutely no effing idea what a turkey actually looks like. I needed use Google to help solve that little problem. 
So I googled "turkey" and came across this lovely gem:

Can you believe that NONE of their feathers are orange or red in real life!??!?! That was a shock to me.

So I looked hard at the picture and was all "I can TOTALLY draw that." And you know what? I WAS RIGHT.

Tell me you could do better. Of course you couldn't. I am amazing.
So then I decided to get really sassy and try to draw a cartoon turkey. From a model, of course:

Can I draw that one?? Can I use MS Paint to make a turkey look as good as that??


If by "as good as" you really mean "infinitely better than," then OBVIOUSLY I CAN!
At this point, I knew I had peaked, so I just drew you this one and called it a day:
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Unless you're not American, in which case ... carry on about your business. And maybe eat some turkey in our honor. And get drunk and yell at your family. It's fun, trust me.

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