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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to fast-forward the gun control debate

I don’t like to get political, but I’m getting really sick of listening to this same conversation; the same set of talking points bandied back and forth between people who read them in some article somewhere and want to sound smart. So I’m just going to write out the whole script I keep hearing, in comic form, so that I can print it out and carry it in my purse. Then, next time some jackwagon wants to argue second amendment rights with me, we can skip the talking points and jump straight to the important part: the name-calling.
Feel free to carry this in your pocket as well. I'm pretty sure I covered all the points and counter-points, but if you disagree, well, I don't really care that much. You can make your own comic, I guess.
To Gun Control, or Not to Gun Control: That is the Question (that nobody will shut up about)

Glad we had this chat.
The funny will be back tomorrow, I swear. Dogs riding ponies and whatnot.
Like this.


  1. And I am going to have to share this with pretty much everyone!

    1. Be my guest!! All the arguments in the comic are like a superhero origin story -- yeah yeah, we have to get them out of the way before we can get to the good stuff like kicking villains in the kidneys ... but at least do it quickly instead of wasting half the damn movie on it.

  2. Towards the end, I coud've sworn I saw veins popping out of ther temples like some anime. The last square ending with "BAKA" from both of them and steam coming out their ears