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Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to spring!

Can I just take a second to agree with everyone else in the USA that the weather today/this week has been absolute bullshit? This morning I was waiting for the bus and had to wear my hood and gloves with my heavy winter coat. Because it was under 30 degrees. Many cars in the parking lot have snow on them, and yesterday I watched as it sleeted/hailed out the window. IT IS SPRING. ENOUGH WITH THIS NONSENSE.

So instead of writing a real post today, here are some pictures I drew of places I would rather be. I may just have to keep drawing more as the day wears on, since drawing them actually helped me feel better about the awfulness outside.

First, here I am on a beach:

And here I am enjoying a nice rooftop pool:

And here is a current live picture of Snoqualmie Pass, because God is being an asshole:

I'm going to draw more pictures of the beach now.


  1. that had better be fruit juice in those glasses and not some tasty cocktail...haha :) yep, rubbin it in..