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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The minefield that is parenting young girls

You guys, I need help. My daughter is headed in a bad direction, and I'm not sure how to get her back on the right path. Hopefully some of you have experience that can be of help to me.

Here is a selfie that Audrey just posted on Facebook yesterday. It should be obvious why this is concerning to me:

Every time my phone rings, I assume it's the police calling to tell me she's been arrested for robbing a convenience store.

I guess she thinks she's tough? But how do I talk to her about this? If I come down like a ton of bricks, I might lose her completely. But if I'm not hard enough on her, then this kind of thing could continue.

It's especially rough because I remember when she was first born. I remember when she was innocent; before all this acting out started. 

Look at this picture of her when she was just 12 hours old:

Back then, she idolized Winston Churchill. She wanted to bring about world peace.

And then the next day she was super into Short Round from Indiana Jones ...

"You call him Docta Jones, doll!"

Both perfectly harmless role models for a baby to emulate. I mean, I guess I wouldn't want her to behave exactly like Short Round, but there are certainly worse things for a parent to worry about.

How did my little girl go from wanting to be like Short Round to posting that selfie??

Is this whole thing just a rebellion against me, revenge for trying to force her to be something she's not?


Did my flippant attitude towards babies holding fake guns somehow lead her to believe this kind of thing was okay?

Haha this picture still shows up every time Jesse calls me and I laugh every. single. time.

Have we been letting her watch too much TV?

No, impossible. There is only one quantity of TV in this world and that is "not enough."

Too many movies that have made her think it's cool to be the villain?

Quelle horreur!


I don't know guys. I just don't know. Parenting young girls ... what a minefield. Well, at least she's not going in the same direction as Miley Cyrus, right??



  1. Straight thuggin' in the kitty cat hoodayyyy!

    Are you sure she isn't just holding a deformed boomerang? I mean you still need to talk to her about sagging her pants like that, but that's definitely a lesser hill to climb.

    1. Hmmm, I just looked at it again, and you might be right about the boomerang. It's so badly drawn, how can anyone know for sure?? Nobody ever told me being a mom would be so hard. *gratuitous sigh*