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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Drawings of cats doing stuff

I don't have a real post today, because I'm deeply uncreative and am not motivated to actually write any of the posts floating around in my head. And I'm also working on an important post that's pretty involved and will take a while to finish. And I'm lazy, and traffic was terrible this morning, and I haven't had coffee yet, and my pants are too tight, and most of these excuses are false but too bad, you don't control me.

Instead, here are some drawings of cats doing stuff. Apologies to those who have seen some of these before ... I wasn't about to draw ALL new ones when the ones I had were lookin' so fine! Remember the part about me being lazy and my pants being too tight? Yeah.

Cat poopin' in your favorite mug:

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit" Cat:

"I ordered tuna, not SALAD" Cat:

Mean April Fool's Prank Cat:

 "Who the f*** ordered Space Jam so many times? This cable bill is outrageous!" Cat:

Cat who shouldn't have followed his idiot owner out with the pogo sticks:

PowerPoint Cat:

Pharrell Cat getting some excellent fashion advice:

Flock of PowerPoint Cats:

"Don't Tell My Wife I'm Smoking Again" Cat:

Stack of PowerPoint Cats:

Different PowerPoint Cat being ridden by a tiny horse:

There you go. Now you're ready to face the day.

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