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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Awesome life hacks to make things easier for you

I love life hacks! Some of them are so clever, and really make things easier!

The following list of life hacks do not fit that description in the slightest.

1. Use a spray bottle to coat bread with egg for French Toast

I love French Toast. Does anyone not love French Toast? It's so tasty!

But let's be real here -- it's kind of a pain in the ass to make. I mean, first you have to scramble up your eggs in one bowl, and then you have to soak the bread in the egg one slice at a time, which gets raw egg all over your fingers and that's pretty unpleasant ... and then you're stuck trying to multitask, dipping more bread into egg while your first slices overcook and start to burn in the pan on the stove. There are just too many steps!

"French toast for breakfast? But we have to be at your mother's in three hours!"

Want to make it a lot easier? Here's a great idea: once your bottle of Windex finally runs out, rinse the bottle out a few times and refill it with Better'n Eggs liquid scrambled egg. Lay out all your pieces of bread in a row, and then go down the row spraying them with egg! It might take a few squirts per piece to get them really covered, but that's no skin off your back -- it's super easy to just pull the trigger on the spray bottle a couple extra times. Once the bread is all coated on one side, put the slices in the pan and spray the other side while the first side cooks. You'd have to be an idiot NOT to give this life hack a try!

Spray eggs? You can have that idea for free, egg product manufacturers.

2. Use a spray bottle to wash your baby in the bath

Once babies reach a certain age, giving them baths becomes quite a challenge. All they want to do is play with their bath toys and splash around, rather than sitting still and getting washed. So, how do we handle it? Simple! Fill an old Tilex bottle with water and a bit of baby soap, and mist the baby's face and hair with it while they're distracted playing with a rubber ducky!

You can then fill a separate spray bottle with pure water, and spray them with this one to wash off the soap from the first bottle. Your baby will be clean as a summer's day, and with no tears and no fuss.

"I love bathtime!"

3. Use a spray bottle to mist olive oil onto a pan before cooking

This is such a no-brainer I hardly even have to explain it! If you're not into using Pam because it's all aerosolized and you don't trust it, just fill an old Off bug spray bottle with olive oil and cook away. Just make sure the sprayer is aimed directly at the pan -- you know how those pesky bug spray bottles love to turn and nail you right in the face when you're not paying attention ;-)

"Dammit, this is the fourth time this week!"

4. Use a spray bottle to achieve perfect gravy distribution over your Thanksgiving dinner

If you're like me, then you find that getting the right amount of gravy on your Thanksgiving dinner is quite a challenge. I dig a pit in my mashed potatoes and fill it with gravy, but then it ends up overflowing and now there's gravy on my sweet potato casserole, which I specifically did not f***ing want to happen. And turkey can't hold onto gravy to save its life. I end up eating dry turkey while all the gravy I poured over it ends up soaking into my dinner roll, rendering it inedibly mushy.


Just take an old bottle of Resolve carpet cleaner and give it a good rinsing out, and blammo -- you've got your own perfect gravy dispenser! If you only want gravy on specific foods, spray it from close by. If you want gravy over your entire meal, spray it from higher up. Spray as many times as you need to get the job done! Then pass the bottle around the table so your family and friends can enjoy it as well!

Not to mention the incredible joy that will come from the annual Thanksgiving Gravy Fight!

5. Use a spray bottle to put syrup on your breakfast

Stack of pancakes? Simply spray syrup on each bite before you eat it! That delicious French Toast we made using the spray bottle of eggs up top? Mist that bitch in a fine coating of nature's finest sweet sauce!

Hell, spray some directly into your mouth if you want! I won't tell a soul.


6. Use a spray bottle to butter your corn on the cob

Oh wait, someone already thought of this one.

And we own it, and we love it, and I'm not even joking.

Good luck, guys, and let me know if you end up trying any of these ideas! I'd love to hear your feedback!

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