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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Look who's dressed up in costumes this year!

It's Halloween, yippee-doo! If you're as costume-crazy as I am, then you'll hopefully enjoy this collection of historical figures wearing Halloween costumes. I started with the same gang that I put glasses on the other day:

First up, Johann Sebastian Bach, dressing up as a frog!

Next, we've got little miss Mona Lisa, playing the role of the Slutty Pirate, complete with killer cleavage:

Ol' Bill Shakespeare ran out of time to come up with a good costume, so he just went with the copout hobo costume. Lame, buddy. Lame.

Marie Antoinette, rather unsurprisingly, went as a Sexy Nurse:

No Halloween would be complete without at least one superhero. Here's Chris Columbus trying to pull off Spider-Man:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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