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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A gallery of photos taken by my toddler

There's a lot of argument out there about what it really takes to be a professional photographer. Is it the quality of the camera that takes a picture from good to great? Or the natural eye of the photographer? Can a person learn, through study and experience, to be as good as someone whose talent and vision appears to come to them naturally?

We aren't going to address any of those questions today. Instead, we're going to look at some pictures that my daughter has taken with my phone, because apparently that's something that she likes to do. Some of these pictures are bad; some are hilarious; some are haunting; none of them belong on anyone's walls.

Please enjoy.

"Bad Hair Selfie #1"
This photo truly captures the essence of what it's like to have a REALLY bad hair day. At the same time, we could all probably learn something from that strand of hair and its commitment to being an individual. Beautiful.

"Bad Hair Selfie #2"
What is she looking at? Is she showing us her teeth, or what's up her nose? 
Por que no los dos??

"Elmo Shattered Soul"
If this doesn't give you pause to rethink the direction your life is headed, then nothing will. 

"Modern Chaos"
 How do we make sense of our busy lives? Is this really just a photo of the bottom of my nightstand? Yes, it is.

Uhh, this is what happens when you take a picture with your finger over the lens. 

 This clean carpet reminds me of how one's soul feels after confession. Audrey has really captured something beautiful here.

"Transitioning Epochs"
What is the original subject of this picture? Is it even possible to truly grasp its depths?
Is it just a blurry photo of the TV taken in darkness, or is it something far more than that?
I don't know; I'm really just rambling at this point. 

"Night's Wishes"
Do I have to keep writing these descriptions? This is just a picture of our bedroom window that she took from bed. She also made a video but it was really creepy so I deleted it. Now I kind of wish I hadn't, though, because it was seriously creepy.

"Cold Comfort"
Audrey's beloved blankie is immortalized on film. 

 He watches always.
Sometimes he even watches from the leg of Audrey's pajamas.

Thanks for joining me on this terrific waste of time. Audrey is really a bad photographer. I mean just terrible. Did you see the one that was just her fat finger over the lens? Good grief. I hope she doesn't pursue this as a career. We're just steps away from her photoshopping a cat with a halo into corner of some of these.

I wish I knew how to do that. I would photoshop cats into every damn thing.

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