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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Drawing Practice: How to draw a terrible frog step by step

Drawing frogs is hard. I know because I just drew this:

Do frogs have cow spots? I assume they do, because otherwise this frog wouldn't have them. Also, just noticed I didn't color in all the spots. Don't you worry about that.

My other forays into drawing practice have been unqualified successes. Don't believe me? Look how fabulously I can draw an elephant-shark now: 
I think something may have gone wrong with this.

So now, we're gonna learn how to properly draw beautiful, awe-inspiring frogs!!!


This frog looks kind of ... rapey.

Patent's Patented Frog 1:
This frog looks VERY rapey.

Let's just pretend this one never happened and start over with something else.

The more "technical" or "medical" looking frog. THESE ARE USUALLY REALLY HARD. I'M NERVOUS GUYS.

Patent's Patented Frog 2:

Damn son, this frog looks dope as f***. I could illustrate a whole children's book with frogs like this guy. In fact, I SHOULD DO THAT.

Alright, who wants to publish this shit? I don't have a title yet, but that part should be easy.

Look how adorable this fella is! And look how easy it will be to draw!!! Even I can't possibly screw this one up!

Patent's Patented Frog 3:

HE'S ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
There's just one thing missing, I think ...

A pair of sinister eyebrows:

Now it's perfect.

(and if you liked the addition of the sinister eyebrows, maybe it's time to revisit this old post about adding eyebrows to smiling characters. I forgot how creepy these f***ers got.)


Here's one that was just made for me: a frog that looks derpy as hell from the get-go. Really plays to my strengths.

As usual, I like to show off my drawing skillz with at least one animated GIF ... and today is no exception! So here we have ...


And the final product:

He looks like you just told him something SUPER awkward.

Why did you do that?

Do you have no concept of what is appropriate to say and when?

Jeez. Learn some tact already.

And I can't wait to write my children's book. There will be so many characters ...

And they will all be hideous.

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