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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Movies I haven't seen -- Part 1: Lethal Weapon

I am Canadian.

This means that I was born and lived part of my life in Canada. But more importantly, it means that I was raised by full-blooded Canadians.

This fact has led to a number of outcomes: that I had to take a test and pay a lot of money to get my US citizenship as an adult; that I can use the word “bloody” and it sounds okay; and that there are a lot of famous American movies that I've never seen.

My husband, disgusted by my total lack of knowledge of American pop culture, has taken it upon himself to strap me to a chair and make me watch all the Rambo movies, the Indiana Jones series, the Die Hards, the Aliens and the Terminators (and a bunch of other crap I can’t remember). But he hasn’t gotten through everything yet … so there are plenty of famous movies that come up all the time in pop culture that I haven’t seen.

So for a new little blog series, here are my best approximations of the plots of some classic movies I haven’t seen, based entirely on the various spoofs and pop culture references to them that I HAVE seen.

First up: Lethal Weapon

In this movie, Mel Gibson plays a young punk of a cop, and Danny Glover plays an older, wizened cop.

Some sort of crime occurs that they must work together to solve. The details of the crime, as well as the details of why they are paired together, are fuzzy (to me).

Many antics and badassery ensue.


The crime is eventually solved, with the help of some pithy one-liners.

Then, according to the It’s Always Sunny spoof of Lethal Weapon, a gun is repeatedly fired into the air at a graveyard in an expression of grief.



So ... did I nail it?
Do I need to put "spoiler alert" in the title of this post???
Stay tuned for more favorites ... after all, I also haven't seen Back to the Future, Total Recall, Ghostbusters, Braveheart, Harry Potter, Twilight ... the list goes on and on.


  1. So that's why I'm clueless about movies - being raised by foreign citizen parents! Also why we never had cable tv, a microwave or video games.

    1. People accept it as an explanation for pretty much anything. Just as long as they don't start doing the math on when I moved to the US versus when whatever event/show/movie that I claim no knowledge of occurred.

  2. I don't believe (or don't want to believe) the only reason you haven't seen harry potter or twilight is you are a Canuck. Has FB seen both of these series?

    1. Haha you're right -- I haven't seen those because I don't want to. But I really want to illustrate them.
      Jesse has, in fact, seen the first couple Twilight movies. He blames it on a girl he was dating at the time. Which I guess is understandable. Still, though ... gross.

  3. Guess how I feel.. ;) I've even recognized most of the movies you've stolen pictures from without having seem them either.
    As for your upcoming list: I really wanna read your take on BTTF next, since that's the only one I've seen. That movie makes me wonder: Is Star Wars missing because you've seen them or just hate them?

    Really enjoying your blog btw, please don't ever stop!

    1. I have in fact seen Star Wars! Though I was reminded last night that I haven't seen Superman (any of them) either. Oh boy, I've got my blogging work cut out for me!

      I do take requests, so Back to the Future will be next! I bet I can draw the hell out of the crazy scientist guy ;-)