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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday random thoughts roundup -- Dec. 7

-- I went to the doctor yesterday because my arm was all jacked up and I figured I had tendonitis. They diagnosed me with Tennis Elbow from clicking and scrolling too much on my tiny and non-ergonomically-shaped mouse. The only ailment I can think of that would be more embarrassing than this would be if I got PTSD from watching Two Girls One Cup too many times.

-- But, the doctor visit itself was quite pleasant. It was my first journey through the world of military medicine since Jesse and I got married, and I'd say the Madigan clinic really has their sh*t together. It reminded me of the times I had to go to the student clinic while studying abroad in Hong Kong. One time, I had these bug bites from some sort of flying tropical hell-beasts and they kept getting infected. So I made an appointment online for the first slot of the next day, which was 9AM. I showed up at around 8:50 and was in the doctor's office by 8:53. By 8:56 he had already figured out what was wrong and submitted a prescription for some magical hell-beast antivenom. Then he was like "well, we have 15 extra minutes ... anything else going on?" I told him I was planning a trip to Beijing with a friend and needed to buy a new camera before I went. The doc then got online and was showing me what cameras he recommended. By 9:08 I was out of there, prescription in hand, and I ended up buying the camera he recommended. I used it for the next four years until it finally gave out. So, y'know, US healthcare system ... get on that. Yesterday it took nearly an HOUR to get diagnosed, get a prescription, and get a good recommendation for some new electronics. This is bullshit.

-- This has been a bad month for people I know dying suddenly and unexpectedly. There is absolutely nothing funny about this -- it's just sad. Especially because in many cases, the people who died left behind spouses or children who totally relied on them. So not only am I sad that the person died, but I'm sad that the people they left behind are basically screwed now. It's just a terrible situation all around. (don't worry, there is a joke coming)

So I thought about it and realized that my parents had done a great job of raising me so that I'm totally independent, both financially and emotionally (I mean, they're still paying a lot of my student loans, but, y'know, they touched them last). I started to realize how lucky this makes me, and wanted to thank my mom for this, so I told her "you did such a good job raising me that if you died, it wouldn't even FAZE me. I'd bounce back like NOTHING!" And she got all mad and was like "that's a TERRIBLE thing to say!"


I also saw a statistic that people who are happily married tend to remarry faster if their spouse dies -- I guess because they have nothing but faith in the institution of marriage, and they miss the structure it provides, so they want to get right back on that horse. So I told Jesse that I was so happy in our marriage that I'd remarry in a SECOND if he were to die. And he got mad too! God, what is wrong with people that they can't just say "thank you!" and smile at me when I compliment them?!

-- Check out the egg I ate this morning. That poor, poor chicken.
Then again, I thought that eggs get long and skinny when the chicken has to strain over them. The fact that this one was so round just suggests that maybe that chicken has an enormous ... egg-hole. S-LUT!
The egg makes such a perfect canvas, though. Here is some egg-art:
Egg baby
Egg psycho
Egg smug douchebag
Enjoy your weekends, everyone, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter. Right now I only have five followers, which is really a lot of pressure. The stress is getting to me. Might have to go back to the clinic.

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