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Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Presidents' Day!

In honor of Presidents' Day, please enjoy this Human Centipede made out of US Presidents featured on coins.

Please note that I regret creating this almost as much as I regret watching the Human Centipede.

No seriously; words cannot express my regret at being responsible for this abomination.

To make up for it, here are those same Presidents but with their heads mounted on giraffes instead:

And here they are on penguins:

So hey, we're cool now, right? The bad taste has been, errh, WASHED OUT OF YOUR MOUTH????!!!

This guy gets it.

Okay, okay. Here's FDR (since I got all the other coins except the dime) on a komodo dragon. 

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay we're good.

If those don't make you want to go out and buy some low-priced furniture or new automobiles, NOTHING WILL. Happy Presidents' Day, 'Merica! And to the rest of the world, SUCK IT.

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