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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My baby looks like various celebrities

Babies are weird. They make weird faces, and as they grow, they look completely different from one week to the next. One day they'll look like Richard Nixon, Bob Barker the next, and then suddenly all you'll see is Barney the Dinosaur ... there's no predicting it. Here are a few pictures of my baby over the course of her life where she looks like various celebrities:

 Baby the Hutt

 I am very happy.

 Everyone likes me but nobody's sure why.

 Lee Daniels' "The Lazy Eye"

 All Hail Glorious Baby

Fat guy in a little coat.

I'm judging you, which is kind of a pot-kettle situation since I am notably INSANE.

Why do you always bring up Gallipoli? I've told you time and again, it's a sore subject.

Thanks for playing! And thanks to those whose ideas I blatantly stole borrowed for this post (Nick for the Jabba the Hutt, Alec for the "glorious baby" quote). I'm not that creative so I need a lot of help from clever friends.

We'll play again when Audrey is older and looks more like Ian McKellan.

Also, I just now realized that NONE of her celebrity lookalikes are female. Wamp womp.

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  1. you may have outdone yourself this time. glad you didn't match her up with denis rodman