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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let's make some more memes!!

I've been spending more time patrolling reddit recently, and this has given me exposure to some of the memes that are currently really popular. You might remember when I previously tackled memes in this post and this one ... but now it's time to revisit the issue with a few of the current most popular ones!

Confession Bear

The confession bear meme is simple. You start with this picture of a bear looking really contrite, 

and then you write a confession over the top of it. 

Now, in a perfect world, the confession that you write will either be 1) funny in its own right, or 2) something that other people are sure to relate to.


However, this world is far from perfect. So if you really want to do a proper confession bear meme, be sure that your confession is something no one on earth could give less of a shit about. For example:

No, I don't believe it. You're making this up.

omg. OMG.

There, I think you're all ready to go forth and bore the f*** out of people with your terrible confession bear memes! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Unpopular Opinion Puffin

Unpopular opinion puffin is thus named because the puffin in the picture looks like he's running away, perhaps from a group of angry villagers wielding pitchforks.

If I'm being honest, I don't really understand why this meme exists. It gets used in one of two ways: first, for just straight trolling, where you say something you know is going to piss people off for no reason other than to, well, piss them off.

But the second and more pernicious use of the meme is to pretend that your relatively commonplace opinion is "unpopular," because this makes you a contrarian, and therefore special. 


Oh, you. You're so adorable, with your wild and unpopular opinions. I'm so glad you're brave enough to share them, even though you know you'll totally get flamed for your beliefs!!

Too far. Went too far.

Now that all that bitching is out of the way, how about I just mess up some more of the memes you know and love?

Awkward Moment Seal:

Used to describe an awkward moment that you witnessed.


Insanity Wolf

Insanity wolf is used to describe an action that only a truly damaged mind would find acceptable.

The correct answer is to kill the cheating spouse, idiot.

Good Guy Greg

The Good Guy Greg meme is used to share stories where someone goes above and beyond and does something genuinely kind for other human beings.

So the waitress doesn't have to make change for you? That's some motherf***ing empathy right there.

Joker "Everyone loses their minds"

This one is used to juxtapose two relatively similar situations that result in completely different reactions from the public. Used to show how hypocritical people are as a general rule.

People are such hypocrites.

Thanks folks, I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your bartenders.

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