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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More memes: a how-to guide

So last week I used an online meme generator to make my own versions of some popular memes for you. But since you guys are a bunch of bastards, some of you felt the need to point out that my memes weren't very good. In fact, you said they were quite bad.

That really hurt my feelings.

I worked hard on those memes, guys.

But I pride myself on the quality of this blog, so I decided to give this whole "meme" thing another try. This time, I did some more research before just jumping right in. And I am going to share this research with you so that maybe you can also learn how to throw together a killer meme. Read and learn, kids.

Third World Skeptical Kid:

Last week, before I did any research, I probably would have posted something like this:

But that was then. Now I know how to make a proper "Third World Skeptical Kid" meme. 

You see, my first line was good -- it had potential to go somewhere funny. But then I dropped the ball on the punchline. Based on the kid's face, he should have said something negative about the entire practice of filtering tap water. It doesn't make sense for him to just suggest using a different filter. Do you understand?

Me neither.

This meme is too hard.

Let's try another one.

Matrix Morpheus Meme:

This meme takes a picture of Morpheus's face and opens with "What if I told you". And then you are supposed to add something totally hilarious or awesome to the bottom. Something that will blow people's minds. 

Like for example:
I dunno, maybe something about owls.

Is your mind blown?

It should be.

I know mine is.

Since I nailed that one, it's time to move on to something a little more difficult.

Bad Luck Brian Meme:

With the Bad Luck Brian meme, what you do is write the top line about some bit of good fortune that has come Brian's way. And then with the bottom line, you destroy that good fortune with some hilarious unforeseen consequence that would only happen to a guy as ugly as our boy Brian.

Check it out:

You see? Because finding a dead raccoon is awesome! Brian's day was off to a great start! But then he ate it raw and died -- talk about turning good luck into bad luck, amirite?!?

Then there's the opposite of Bad Luck Brian:

Success Kid Meme:

"Success Kid" starts out with a bit of good fortune, and then it turns into EVEN BETTER FORTUNE at the end!

This meme is really boring though so instead I did this:

That really happened! And it wasn't even me that did it!

Toy Story Meme:

This meme is sooooo easy, even I can pull it off! All you do is choose something that you think happens too often, and write it on the top line. Then write it again on the bottom line, followed by the word "everywhere."

Wait, I actually kind of did that one right.

That's lame.

There, that's much better. I like to go out on a high note.

I think I'm going to retire from memes for a while. I'm getting too good. It's not fair to everyone else.

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