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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Cloud-to-butt Chrome extension and why you should totally install it

Do you use Google Chrome to surf the web? If not, why the hell not? What do you use? Please don't say "Internet Explorer." Do yourself a favor and get Chrome.

And if you do use Chrome, do yourself a favor and download this extension. Trust me when I say you won't regret it.

Cloud-to-butt is an extension designed for people with the emotional maturity of a 9-year-old. It replaces the word "cloud" with the word "butt" every time it shows up on the internet. It also replaces the phrase "the cloud" with "my butt" so as to create hilarious "upload this to my butt" prompts for those using Cloud storage. 

It does so stealthily and without any warning, like a ninja dropping a whoopie cushion in the middle of the Wikipedia article you're reading. And when you're not expecting a whoopie cushion, nothing on earth is funnier. We already know how much I love the word "butt", so it's like this app was made just for me. I can't even handle how funny it can be.

Still not sold? Check out these screenshots I've taken from around the web:

From an online forum:
I would have been upset too if my butts had hidden the beautiful mountains :-(

And let's not forget to be on guard for ...

This is from a blog post I read that wasn't actually funny at all and was well-written and poignant. Or it would have been, if there wasn't so much talk about butts.

Tornado warning? BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

"Ominous looking butts"

This butt is up to something, for sure.

You don't know what a funnel butt is? No problem -- Wikipedia will be happy to explain it:

Every part of this is hilarious to me.

And did you hear the crazy news that broke over the weekend?

The scary part about this is that it could happen to anyone who uses iCloud for storage of personal information. Is there anything to be done? This article aims to help:

I knew it.

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