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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Alaskan Wildlife (drawn from memory)

Jesse and I just got back from a trip to Anchorage, Alaska for the weekend. It was great, but now I'm on a different time zone (both literally and also a toddler-free time zone where I am not awakened at 4:30AM), so I am too tired to write anything that isn't just pure nonsense.

So instead, I have decided to draw for you some of the Alaskan wildlife that we saw while on our trip. I am going to draw them based entirely on memory and speculation, and then I will find a picture of what the animal actually looks like so we can tell how close I got to the mark.

We didn't see any bears, though, so if you're here for bears you aren't going to get any. I know, I know -- I'm twice as angry as you are, trust me.

First up ...


We saw some orca while out on a boat tour in Seward, Alaska. They were chasing the boat and it was neat! They looked pretty much like this:

Or, as Google images would have you believe, like this:

Damn, I forgot the white bit on the bottom. Other than that, it was a perfect likeness.

We also got to see ...


We only saw the fin and the tail, so I kind of had to fill in some blanks. I'm pretty sure I nailed it though.

Ummm ... oh. The fins are ... pretty big. I totally got the bummer face right, though. Chin up, ol' buddy! 

Then, we were treated to a show by some ...


The females of the species are considerably smaller than the males. The male looked something like this, though:

Haaaaa what a tubby dope!

Let us not forget the excitement of watching ...


... trying to fly! Those chubby bastards had a hell of a time staying airborne:

My drawing is bad, and I feel bad.

Closing out on a high note, you'll never guess what animal we saw out the window of our bus from Anchorage down to Seward! It was a ....


This has not been a fruitful endeavor.

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