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Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day, 'Merica!

Happy Memorial Day to you all! An especially happy Memorial Day to my dear husband Jesse (an active duty soldier in the US Army), and to anyone else who has served in our Armed Forces :-)

In typical PP holiday fare, here are a few really bad Paint drawings that I think truly capture the spirit of the day:

US Flag Elephant holding a firecracker in its mouth (okay that looks more like TNT but either way, this picture will not look very good in about 30 seconds):

The flag pattern was a pain in the ass. Don't expect such excellence from the rest of the pictures.

Patriotic Camel holding a firecracker in its mouth:

Jesus this one is just awful.

Patriotic Donkey holding a firecracker in its mouth:

I got a lot of practice drawing donkeys the other day. As you can see, that helped me not at all.

Patriotic Duck holding a firecracker in its mou-- errrh, beak:

Fugly as hell.

Let's try something a little different, since I'm obviously not on top of my drawing game today (but I totally was the other day):



Look, I don't wanna be a dick and be like "I told you so," but seriously, you shouldn't hold fireworks/TNT in your mouth. That's f**king fireworks safety 101.

Have a great Memorial Day, everyone!

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