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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm taking some time off ...

I think I'm going to take a week or so off from writing the blog. I just need a break, yo. I'll still be social networking and such on Facebook and Twitter, so you can talk to me there if you miss me too much. Or comment on any posts. I usually respond, unless I can't think of anything (most common), or I forget (also quite common), or I think your comment is incredibly stupid and I don't want to encourage you by responding (but that's hardly ever the case. But it is sometimes.).

In the meantime, here are links to my top ten most-viewed posts, if you want to do some catching up or just relive the glory of the posts that don't suck:

1. The Current State of Baby Names: A post in which I rant about people giving their kids stupid-ass names in the interest of being "unique."

2. The Big Bang Theory Isn't Funny: A post from before I started censoring f-bombs, in which I rant about how much that stupid show sucks.

3. A Plot Review of Top Gun: A post in which I make fun of every young boy's favorite movie.

4. Movies I Haven't Seen: Gremlins: A post in which I drive the movie Gremlins off a cliff.

5. What is the Big Deal About Downton Abbey?: A post in which I try -- and mostly fail -- to understand why everyone is so bloody obsessed with that show. 

6. How to Fast-Forward the Gun Control Debate: A comic to fast-forward any gun control debate right to the fun part where you call each other idiots.

7. The One with the Pictures of the Big-Headed Babies: There's other stuff in this post too, but let's face it -- we're here for the baby that looks like Mr. Magoo.

8. Angry Eyebrows: One of my personal favorites! A post in which I draw angry eyebrows onto beloved cartoon characters and make them look terrifying/insane.

9. Dear Men: No, I am not pregnant. Sincerely, Women: A post in which I overflow with rage at the rudeness and presumption of people who constantly ask women if they're pregnant.

10. Movies I Haven't Seen: Harry Potter: Taking a wild stab at the plot of the entire Harry Potter series, based on the fact that I have seen 1.2 of the movies and absorbed nothing.

I'll be back with more posts in about a week. Unless I check myself into rehab for "exhaustion" when it's totally obvious to everyone that I just have a drug problem.

At least, I will as soon as I figure out how to turn my duck tour whistle into a "quack pipe." 


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